[Adventures] The Trail of Snails

Adam, my partner, knows how much I enjoy spontaneous photography. Whether it be photographing him along our adventures, or whether it be a quick grab of the camera to get a shot in our backyard.

A couple of days ago, Adam left for his work before I needed to get out of bed. Not two minutes after he left, he came running back into the house, and told me to grab my camera and put on my shoes. Without hesitation, I jumped up out of my bed, threw on my slippers, grabbed my camera and an SD card, and left the house with him. He appeared to be in a rush, so I was thinking it was a bird, squirrel, or bunny! I got to where he wanted to show me, and lo and behold there is a cluster of snails. Not only were they in a cluster, but all of their shells were spirals as well! All along the wall, there was around 20 different snails all waking up and getting on with their day. Although Adam had to leave me there so he wouldn't be late for work, I spent almost 30 minutes just standing outside, in my pajama pants and shirt, with my camera.

Honestly, these pictures have become some of my favorite that I have taken of animals! I generally have to be on a larger scale to understand what it is like in an animal's life. However, for these guys I had to get into a suuuper small mindset for these stunning, spiral snails!

There's so many different perspectives around you, you've just got to be willing to try and see them.

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