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Summer of 2017, I worked at a non-profit summer camp called Triple R Ranch. I was a part of the Barn Staff. I met so many amazing people there, and it was the same summer that I bought my own camera! Instantly, I knew I wanted to try it out.

Meet Hallie, a staff member that I met while working at the Ranch. She was eager to help me build my portfolio, and in turn get some portraits of herself. She agreed to answer just a few questions about herself and what the Ranch has done for her.

Me: What motivated you to work at the Ranch?

Hallie: Well, I had heard about the ranch for years because my sister had been working there since I was in high school. I finally decided to work last summer (summer 2017) because I was in desperate need of a lifestyle change. My sister had always said good things about Triple R, so I figured I would it was the best place to start.

Me: Why did you apply for a counselor job?

Hallie: I have always loved working with children and I was seeking to find confirmation on if it was my calling. I loved being a counselor and now I know that I’m supposed to work with kids for the rest of my life!

Me: So, you know you want to work with children, what do you feel is your calling for your career?

Hallie: I would love to work full time in ministry! More specifically, being a children’s director in a church would be wonderful but at this point, I’m just walking where God is opening doors.

Hallie is such a wonderful soul, so selfless, so beautiful, and has overcome many obstacles in her life. I was so blessed to be able to capture her beauty, her emotions, and her essence while it was 5:30 AM- before we both had to go to work!

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