[Personal] 2018-19 Holiday Season!

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Rivera!

This Holiday Season, me and my family have been so busy with many things!

It began with Thanksgiving in Georgia, where my brother and his wife live. We took the long drive down, met up with her parents, and we all spend the week at their house! We were able to start a new tradition with Thanksgiving at their house, where I met their cat, Raven. She LOVED climbing up the Christmas Tree we bought the day after Thanksgiving. It was decided that lights were the only things that were safe on their tree, as we knew Raven would knock any ornaments off!

This was also the time Raven met my chihuahua, Sophia. Sophia has not always taken a liking to other animals easily, so we knew we'd have to keep an eye on them. It was comical watching the two, some times Sophia would be pestering Raven, and other times Raven would be seeking Sophia out to annoy! From sneaking up on each other to chasing each other around the house, by the end of the visit they were able to play with each other. Sophia's making friends!

When Christmas-time came around, Family came to Newport News to celebrate with us! Not only was it my parents and my 3 siblings, we also had my sister-in-law, and couple of my brother's buddies from the Army. We had a full table for Christmas dinner! My family loves hosting people for the holidays, so it was a very enjoyable one for everyone. From tears of laughter to tears of happiness, Christmas 2018 was one of the best that I have experienced!

But our Holiday season did not end there. In January 2018, my brother married his wife. They had a small Justice of the Peace wedding in a small park in Georgia. I was not able to attend, as I was living in Boston at the time. I was able to FaceTime to still be a part of their day, which made me extremely happy! Little did we know at the time that they would have their marriage blessed in the Church come January of 2019...which is what they did!

Family flew out from Arizona, the best man flew in from Japan, and after months of preparing and prepping for the day, the ceremony was completed on January 12th! It was a beautiful ceremony with lots of love from both sides of the family. The reception was just as beautiful, and consisted of a long night of good food, good dancing, and even better company!

This Holiday Season was definitely a very busy one, but was absolutely wonderful to be reunited with our family, and introduce our new addition to the Rivera family!

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