[Personal] Finding a Long Lost Friend!

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

During the time I lived in England, my mother, sister and I would always go shopping at Primark - it was our favorite place! Low prices, great stuff, things that would sell for $20+ at some stores were sold at Primark for $5. Primarily, we got all of our sandals from Primark. We would travel to different places all over England, and sure enough, there'd be a Primark waiting for us. I hung out there with friends all the time, it was an essential part of my being for those four years!

I have now been back in the United States since January of 2013, and it was devastating leaving this store. I would always be jealous when I saw my old friends shopping there, whenever I'd be able to recognize when a piece of clothing came from there. For the first year, it was so difficult because the only place I wanted to shop was... you guessed it...Primark! Over the years, the store slowly faded from my memory. I would still get nostalgic when I saw my old friends shopping there, but it became less of a heart wrench. I had come to love the stores that America has to offer.

Until today.

I had heard that there was a Primark in Boston, but I never had thought much of it. I thought, "Well there's no way the prices are the same!" or even, "It won't sell the same clothes. It will be American-ized." and boy was I wrong! My boyfriend had talked about it, and we decided that we needed to get out of the house, so we went to the area. When I saw Primark, it looked extremely similar to the ones I remember in England. I immediately got excited, and told Adam that we had to go! It was such a large event for me that had to call my mother and sister to brag about where I was.

Not only did I walk in and flash back to when I was 15, it was FOUR stories high! Floor-by-floor, I drug poor Adam around, and kept fawning over clothes. Even the sizing was using the UK standards...I wanted to cry I was so happy! Everything came back- the styles, the prices, the fabrics, even the in-store carriers and the paper bags were the same.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy some clothes from there, so I treated myself to some extremely comfortable shorts (I am wearing them as I write this!) and a few accessories. Despite my feet, legs, and back aching (from walking around so much), I am still in awe as to how amazing it was to be back in a Primark.

It was so refreshing to have a small taste of Europe for an hour or two today!

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