[Personal] It's Beginning to Look a lot like...Work?!

A loving brother gives his little sister a big hug during one of my recent family sessions!

As many of you begin to prepare for the Holidays, there are many new things that I have been blessed with.

Yesterday, November 30th, 2018, I took and PASSED the PSI Salesperson Exam!!!!

What is that you ask?

Well, that is the test needed to obtain one's real estate license! That's right, you're looking at your *almost* newest local REALTOR® of the Hampton Roads Area :)

I began thinking about Real Estate as a career when I saw my father go through the classes to obtain his license. I remember his long nights, endless studying, and the happiness that came out of his pre-licensing education. It wasn't long until he passed his PSI exam. Watching him run his Real Estate business was so captivating to me, I began sitting down at his computer and watching him as he found properties to list, and as he marketed for his own clients to purchase houses. I never realized how much went into real estate until that moment!

Shortly after, I asked my father if I could shadow him to one of his client's showings. He showed me how he gains access to the properties, and the different information that is given to the real estate agent to help sell the property. Within a few weeks, I was captivated with the process, and how much of a help a real estate agent can be to others - especially first-time home buyers! So I discussed with my father what the process would start with for me to obtain my own real estate license.

September 24, I began taking classes from 6-9:30 PM three times a week. I remember the first day I arrived...A large 600 page book and a smaller 250 page book waited for me on the table. Total, there was around 12 of us taking this course. Each night we showed up, the teacher would tell us what to highlight, and then we'd go home and study. It really was the only way to fit all of that information into such a small time span! I went through tons of pens writing out note cards, and still to this day have ALL of the note cards I made sitting in multiple piles (if I were to put them in one pile they would topple over...). By the third or fourth class, there was only 7 of us left, and by halfway through the course only 5 of us were "regulars" that made an appearance to class.

By the end of the course, we were all ready to take the final test so we could get the credit for the course and could stop the long nights of studying. Test day finally came around, and thankfully I passed that test! I no longer needed to study for the class....but there still was the PSI Exam to take. So I went home and registered for the PSI exam that night, and had to wait almost a full month before there was an open date to take the exam. Through that month, i was busy with studying, working, AND still editing photos for my clients!

Thankfully, You find out the results of your exam the moment you finish it. I saw the words "National - Pass ; State - Pass" and I almost thought I was dreaming. I left the cubicle and the associates who were running the exam told me congratulations and I knew that it was real! I was able to get my fingerprints taken and sent to the appropriate organizations needed for me to get my license.

My next goal is to be a REALTOR® come the New Year...talk about a New Year - New Me!

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