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Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Have you ever gone days, weeks, even months without your favorite food? What about going that long without your pet?

It has been a while since I have painted. Even though it is a passion of mine, with my recent move I haven't had any of my painting things with me. Yesterday I was able to purchase a few things to hold me over until I get my paints. Thankfully I was also able to get a discount because I got them from the store I work at!

Lately, my aunt has been on my mind. She is such a wonderful person who will go to many extreme extents to ensure that the right thing is done in any situation. I definitely feel that her and I share a lot of same qualities - despite her living across the USA. With her on my mind, and my craving to create art (one of our shared passions), I took our love of the water and ran with it. Sunsets are one of my favorite things to paint, and the idea of a lighthouse on the water sounded so calming to me.

For this panting I used Prismacolor's Premier Watercolor Pencils. I discovered watercolor pencils about a year ago, and from the moment I started using them I knew that this was the medium that I wanted to focus on for a while! I was nervous with this painting because of the contrast between the sunset and the dark lighthouse, but overall I was able to make things work. I worked in sections for this painting, that way I could ensure a clean outcome. I drew out and placed the color on the canvas first with the pencils, then would add water in sections of the sky, then sections of the water, then different sections of the sky when it was dry. Watercolor pencils are difficult to work with in the sense that you can't just put water over the canvas. Your strokes will determine the shape of the color, and if you are impatient before the water dries, then the colors of the light sunset and dark lighthouse would merge to create a colorful blob. The amount of water will also determine the saturation of the colors. Too much water, and the colors will be lighter, and will run easier along the canvas. This is also where good brushes come in handy! I purchased some brushes to paint with, from about a brush about an inch wide, down to a brush that is roughly 1mm wide. This small brush came in handy when I did the fence around the top of the lighthouse. Although it was on a small canvas, and only took me about 45 minutes to complete it, it was amazing to be able to rekindle my love for painting. Hopefully it won't take too much longer before I have the rest of my painting supplies!

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