[Personal] Remembering Beautiful Moments

Often times, we forget what truly matters in our lives. This quote by Helen Keller (found on Brainy Quote) describes my goal with my photography perfectly, it is a main reason I have taken up photography!

Many people forget that "beautiful" can have many meanings. You may see a beautiful woman, or even a beautiful sunset! From a beautiful tapestry to a beautiful animal.

However, we also can feel beautiful. More than someone telling us we look beautiful, we can find ourselves in beautiful moments. Those moments where you look back and you remember not just how the moment looked, but also how it made you feel. How it felt to be surrounded by the people you were with, how it felt to be so confident in yourself in that moment - that feeling of being inimitable.

This is what I strive to capture in my sessions. Not only do I want to have a great picture of a family together, but I long to capture the feelings of happiness as the family laughs together, as the family makes more memories together. I know for my senior pictures, I felt so beautiful and so confident. I want nothing more than for my Seniors to feel the same way! There's nothing better than finishing your High School years feeling confident in yourself and who you are as a person.

It's one thing to look back at a picture, and another thing to look back on a memory.

Adriana Lynn Photography strives to capture these emotions, these feelings and beautiful memories for you to cherish forever.

This is why I enjoy making today's memories last a lifetime!

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