[Photography] What happens after the session?

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Not many individuals think of what happens to their pictures after a session - there's a lot of time and effort that goes into the final products of the photos. Here you can see a before and after of a photo of a beautiful little girl I had taken for a family friend.

Every photographer has their own style of editing. Some photographer's styles are light and airy, others are moody. I consider my style to be natural. Sometimes what the camera records is not exactly what is seen with the human eye. My goal with my post-processing is to make sure the photos are not over edited, making them look as natural as possible. I personally tweak a little bit of everything - skin tones, highlights, black levels, etc. to recreate what I saw with a naked eye. This one photo took me about 30 minutes to edit it to get it how I wanted it. So many different ways that one level of editing effects another level, so it's a lot of playing around with trial and error! Long nights editing are not uncommon - even when I spend the day editing at a local cafe.

When I first began looking at taking my photography to a new level, I was using GIMP. It's a free download that is similar to photoshop, and I had been using GIMP for years for digital art. I was very familiar with the program, and I wasn't planning on switching programs for a while! However, I heard of a Lightroom and Photoshop (both Adobe programs) package that was affordable for me. It wasn't long before I gave in and purchased them both..and my editing has changed forever! Yes, GIMP was fantastic, however there are more options, more toggle bars in Lightroom that I use and it has made my life easier, as well as my photography better.

Sometimes, you just have to take the leap with finances - I did and it certainly paid off!

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