[Photography] Where Do Photographers Work??

Skyla and her favorite pony, Dandy

As many people know, there are a lot of photographers that have studios. This helps them control the lighting and background, ensuring a nice, finished feeling without any distractions for their clients. But do all photographers use a studio?

You'd be surprised as to how many photographers don't have a studio! I took a poll on a photography page I am a part of on Facebook, and found that 98.97% of the photographers that answered work outside of a studio!

So...where do we work?

I generally have my sessions outside. Whether it be at the top of a parking garage or the middle of Boston Commons, I love the challenge of working with what the environment gives me. I believe it creates a more natural feeling for the photos, which I find to enhance the photos immensely! It also allows for larger props- like animals. Plenty of sessions I have done include animals, which can easily be brought into the picture if you are outside. A girl hired me for a session where she wanted her favorite horse in the picture with her. Being that we were shooting outside we were able to bring the horse in for some great shots! I also did a session for two women and their dogs, which would have been difficult if I worked out of a studio. We took pictures in front of a river, with the sun setting, in forests, all of it! By far it has been one of my favorite sessions.

Believe it or not, there actually is a third main location for photography - sessions in the client's home! Many photographers are lifestyle photographers, they catch the essence around the atmosphere that a family or couple live in. These photos are more intimate as they display not only the subject, but who the subject really is in the background. 99% of these sessions are candid - ones where the subject is not directly looking at the camera, a photo that catches them in the act of being themselves. Lifestyle photography has challenges of its own as well though- each session they are in a completely different house, so it can be difficult to know what to expect.

When hiring your photographer, make sure you know where they work out of! All three of the options above are fantastic and create the photos in a unique way. Although these aren't the only three options photographers have, they are the primary ones I have noticed throughout my journey and encounters with other photographers.

You know where to go when you need an outdoor session! (Hint hint, it's me!)

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